Clearing Spaces

Clearing Spaces

The spaces that we occupy hold so much for each of us. Our homes nourish and shelter us, our offices inspire us, our bedrooms provide respite and solace. The past year the physical distinction of these spaces blurred. Over night dining rooms became class rooms, bedrooms became offices and kitchens became break rooms. Soon the overlap caused many souls emotional and mental exhaustion.

Energies can get stuck and instead of offering refuge to help dissipate that what we should not hold onto, these rooms became vessels of storage. It is important to declutter the physical items but to also create movement to clear the energies that have been stored in your space.

The practice of blessing spaces to encourage renewal, hope and joy have been around from first century Christians to indigenous Native Americans. Many burn sage, Palo Santo or other herbs to create a cleansing smoke to help clear old energy out and welcome in the new. Pair the use of such burning of herbs with chanting or praying and you can create a calm that attracts positive benevolent forces.

Crystals can charge the space with intention and protection. Rose quartz can foster love and acceptance while aventurine can create good fortune and opportunities. Black tourmaline near your computers can help protect from EMFs and prevent negative energies from entering your space.

Honoring earth, air, fire and water when blessing your spaces will help create a harmonious balance. Charge distilled water in the full moonlight and add some lavender essential oil to create a calming welcoming room spray between the times you sage your space. Open windows to invite in fresh air of possibility and release the old energies out.

Revitalize your space and your soul with a simple ritual of clearing energies. It is an expression of gratitude to your spaces (that do so much for us) as well as a wonderful way to care for your self.


Pono Luna

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