Truth is in the Triggers

Truth is in the Triggers

Truth is in the Triggers

For so long I have always put a negative association with the word, “trigger”.  I never wanted to be “triggered”. I never wanted to let others see they had an effect on me. I was taught to “ignore it and it will go away.” Do not show any emotion or response to whatever the outside forces were doing. Don’t let anyone know that they pushed your buttons much less that you have buttons that can be pushed. This mentality may have portrayed me as calm and cool to the mean girls in middle school, but to this day, there are some painful memories that do surface.  Every time that they do, I look back and wish that young ME had someone to tell her,  “There is strength in being vulnerable so speak YOUR truth and there is truly nothing to fear!”

There really isn’t anything to fear. To avoid being “triggered” or showing emotions in the grand scheme of things, doesn’t build resiliency. In essence it actually prevents one from developing tools to process the and release emotions. Instead you can wind up like me, spent decades just swallowing down  hurt, sorrow and pain. So start speaking your truth and addressing those triggers, take back your power.

Don’t be like me and just allow pain to take up space and not leave room for joy. I was full of fear to “rock the boat” or come off as “difficult” or “emotional” but guess what? I only hurt myself while others stood in this false sense of being right and not being held accountable for the hurt they caused. They may have gone on to do the same things to someone else. By ME not addressing triggers and boundaries I helped perpetuate bad behavior by others. There are the ripples from action as well as from inaction. 

Now, as a woman that has been on this ever evolving journey of healing and reconciliation, I realize I can absolutely give myself permission to feel emotions. I also am entitled to address the reasons why I feel what I feel-and create boundaries. True resiliency is the ability to face challenges, acknowledge them and move forward stronger. Resiliency is not ignoring a situation but rather tackling it head on and growing from it.

Truth IS in our triggers. The lessons will be learned when we stand back and think about why we are feeling what we feel. Where is this anger or hurt coming from? What is bubbling this fear to the surface? Growth comes from discomfort and we can heal if we do the excavation. Do the shadow work and heal. Heal your trauma so that you can stop cycles and most of all feel the lightness and the effortless ease of LIFE that comes from healing.

You are entitled to live a fulfilled life. You are wonderful. So go ahead and stand in your greatness, triggers and all.



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