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Pono Luna

Heart Chakra Set

Heart Chakra Set

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Heart Chakra Set

This little heart chakra set is packed with big love. The heart chakra is our fourth chakra where physical and spiritual come together as one. When your heart chakra is open you are open to abundance, empathy, compassion and LOVE. Your heart chakra is responsible for forgiveness, altruism and empathy.

Each set includes three mini heart shaped crystals:

Rose Quartz (1)- increases love, trust, harmony and faith

Aventurine (1)- protects the heart chakra as it attracts abundance and opportunity

Rhodonite (1)- activates and cleanses as it promotes self esteem and opportunity

Hand carved olive wood heart trinket dish (approximately 2 inches) - olive wood symbolizes friendship, peace, longevity and healing.

Place this beautiful set next to your bed or in the love corner of your home. Lay stones on your heart when meditating or hold in your hands when taking mindful moments. Each set is cleansed then charged with positive intention and love. Perfect gift for Valentines Day, anniversaries, bridal showers or just because. The trinket dish is hand carved and ethically sourced from artisans in Kenya and produced with Fair Trade Principles.

An open heart can give and receive love without any limitations.... lead with LOVE.


Pono Luna

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