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Pono Luna

Ohana Stack

Ohana Stack

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Ohana (o-haw-nah) Stack

Celebrate our collectiveness with the Ohana stack. Circles represent wholeness and unity, couple this with -OHANA- the idea that we are all connected, then you have the foundation for living pono.

These two bracelets are handmade with positive intention and love. Order includes ONE of each bracelet type.

Our white lava stone bracelet is perfect to use as an essential oil carrier. It has one amazonite bead to represent one family-one ohana-one energy force. Amazonite is a strong stone to encourage loving communication and gentle healing qualities. It is used to soothe and calm. Lava stones are grounding and can dissipate anger and anxiety.

Our signature wood bead bracelet is comprised of thuja wood and amazonite.  Thuja “tree of life” wood has medicinal and therapeutic properties and the oil as been used for centuries to heal. This bracelet is focused on healing and opening the wearer to different perspectives and opportunities.

Wear our Ohana  two bracelet stack to encourage a more spiritually aligned reality, increase your energy vibration and live pono.

  • Each bracelet is handmade is natural stones and so may differ in color and uniqueness. 
  • Each bracelet is strung on strong stretch string and fit wrist sizes 7-8.5.
  • Please ROLL bracelets on and off to avoid excessive stretching. 
  • Each order includes one of each bracelet and canvas bag for storage. 




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