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Pono Luna

Palo Santo Bundle

Palo Santo Bundle

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Our Pono Palo Santo bundle is exactly what you need to help cleanse your space and help create a space of tranquility and protection. Pono begins with bringing your body, mind, spiritual leaning and emotion into harmony. Let our Palo Santo bundle assist. Palo Santo is from a sacred tree that has been used for centuries in rituals and ceremonies of healing. start you pule (prayer) with the cleansing smoke of Palo Santo.

May your Palo Santo release negativity and create a sage space for positive reconciliation.


Pono Luna

Bundle includes:

3 responsibly sourced Palo Santo sticks

1 Glass container of mini Sparks

1 canvas bag for storage

Gift messages can be added in comments.

Directions: Carefully light one stick on fire for appx 15-30 seconds then blow out the flame. The smoke from the embers will release the sweet smell of the Palo Santo to help carry your prayers and mantras. Completely extinguish after use.


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