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Pono Luna

Sea Blue Apatite palm stones

Sea Blue Apatite palm stones

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Item Overview

Handmade item

Materials: Natural Apatite Stone

Height: 2.5 -3 inches appx /Width: 1.5-2 inches appx

Weight 3.5-4.2 ounces or 4.5-5.1 ounces

*Approximate color & measurements vary.

Smooth and rounded, these sea blue Apatite palm stones are lovely, personal pieces that radiate gentle energy. They are full of an alluring and radiant blue color. Their compact size allows these specimens to be lovely display pieces perfect for any office, home, or altar space, as well as being wonderful specimens to meditate with.


Apatite works to help individuals see the positive side when negativity is overpowering. Depending on the color of the Apatite, the healing properties can vary. Keep apatite with you when making a tough change for a better future.

Using blue apatite can unblock the throat chakra which makes it easier to communicate and express oneself in other ways. Blue apatite, like many other gemstones, has multiple benefits and holds a great deal of meaning. People have found that it also aids in motivation, ambition, self-confidence and self-acceptance.

Price includes one intuitively chosen palm stone and canvas bag for storage.


Pono Luna

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